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GrainBridge is a marketing tool that gives you the opportunity to create a marketing plan incorporating crop insurance break-even and profit targets. Check with Rodney for login information.


Just as agriculture has changed, so have the days of seeing your crop insurance agent once a season to sign up for insurance, paying your premium as another input cost, and then repeating this process year after year. You have to expect more from your crop insurance agent. You should expect a solid knowledge of marketing and complete risk management and how marketing can be linked to crop insurance.

That's our Agri vantage!

A Perfect Combination:
Crop Insurance
Crop insurance protects against loss of income in the event of a crop failure. With high crop input costs, it's essential to protect against a financial diaster.

Plus Marketing
Forward contracting is an important part of marketing. AgriVantage's marketing objective is to assist producers with forward contracting their insurance guaranteed bushels.

Equals Risk Management
Rodney Petersen is a Certified Risk Managemet Specialist. With his knowledge and experience, he works with each producer to keep them informed of marketing strategies that maximizes production, marketing, and financial risks.

What Others Say
About AgriVantage
"I need more than just insurance. I need a complete risk protection plan and AgriVantage gives me that with crop insurance and marketing"
J. Donaldson



Crop Insurance with Marketing

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